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Monitoring Drought Conditions at Indirasagar Reservoir (2019 - 22) using Optical Satellite Imagery

Modeling Site Selection as part of Supply Chain Design

Project Footage - Drone Services for Security & Surveillance of Large Plant Premises

Planning for Oil Well Inspection in the Deep Seas

Better Operations - 15 Handy Frameworks

GIS based Suitability Modeling: Siting Co-working spaces for Real Estate Co. in Mumbai

Map based Analysis of Obstacles at Airport for Safe Flight Operations

Project Footage - Drones used for Spraying Deodorant on Waste at Dumpyard

Monitoring Volcano by Mapping Deformation using DinSAR Satellite Imagery

Site Suitability: Locating a New Hospital using GIS

Deploying Location Analytics to Study Vehicle Accidents

Exploring Hyperspectral Imagery & Analyzing Spectral Signature

Project Footage - Drone Service for Thickness Testing, Visual & Thermal Inspection of Boiler Chimney

Mapping Landslide Hazard using powerful Location Analytics platforms

Suez Canal Obstruction - Detecting Shipping Objects from Aerial Imagery

Italian Serie A - Season 2021 22 - Matchday Progression in Maps

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 Geo Intelligence for Organizations

Drones & Sensors.

Hardware which captures geodata, maps area of interest and monitors business operations.

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Map based Applications.

Applications which analyzes & visualizes geodata to derive operational insights for productivity & growth.

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Survey Services, Imagery & Geo-datasets.

Opt for Geo Intelligence as a Service (GIaaS) for specific, time-bound projects.

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