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Value Stream Mapping for Lean Manufacturing - Acme & TWI Case Walkthrough and Concept Notes

Project Footage - Drone-based Wet Cleaning of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels at a large capacity plant

SEN-ET Walkthrough: Estimating Daily (Actual) Evotranspiration using Remote Sensing on SNAP.

Monitoring Drought Conditions at Indirasagar Reservoir (2019 - 22) using Optical Satellite Imagery

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What We Do
Intelloc Mapping Services, Kolkata | Mapmyops is engaged in providing mapping solutions to organizations which facilitate operations planning, improvement & monitoring workflows. These include but are not limited to Supply Chain DesignDrone Solutions, Location Analytics & App DevelopmentSite Characterisation Surveys, Imagery Acquisition & Processing, Security Infrastructure, & Polluted Water Remediation
Drone & Security Devices

Mapping Devices

Drones & Security Sensors.

Hardware which captures geodata, maps area of interest and monitors operations.

Authorized by leading OEMs.

Location Analytics & GIS App

Location Analytics

Map based Applications.

Analyze & visualize geodata to derive insights for business productivity & growth.

Licensed & Open-Source Solutions. 

Supply Chain & Operations Excellence

Operations Consulting

Supply Chain Design, Water Treatment & more.

Workflows that aid in Operational Excellence & Sustainability workflows

Rich Domain expertise.

Scope of Mapping

GIS Research