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Esri - Staying under the radar

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

I admire businesses that have sustained over a large period of time. Those which have been carefully moulded, which have built a brand based on enduring products, timeless values and stable performance. However, times have changed and how! - Innovation, Growth, Fundraising are some of the buzzwords now. Operating a business notwithstanding, one has to even deploy digital marketing to appease Google Search algorithms for decent online visibility. Hence this page.

Returning to the topic, I feel that new businesses are appearing on the scene like firecrackers: spectacular, dazzling, noisy. Many disappear like firecrackers too - without a trace. The likes of Google, Amazon, and Uber are exceptions: like everlasting firecrackers, like utopia. Churning out products and experiences that customers can't do without, at lightning speed.

That being said, one often stumbles upon businesses from the bygone era - those that have managed to exist somehow. Some have evolved over time and keep growing at an appreciable pace while others are expecting their fate to be sealed. Esri is one such company and it falls in the former category. And what makes its success story all the more alluring is that it is into technology - a sector replete with booms and busts.

'It (Esri) has survived five tectonic shifts in technology' - Forbes. I think it is primed to survive a few more as it has managed to work under the radar, quietly prodding away, building supreme domain expertise and solving problems that matter. It produces the best mapping technology platform in the world. They have a >40% global market share and >70% market share in India. Its revenue stands at 1.1 billion USD (April, 2023). Mapping professionals eagerly await its annual technology conferences around the world. However, times are changing and more people are beginning to notice this sector because of one technology giant: Google.

When we as consumers think of mapping, I think the first product which comes to our mind is Google Maps, isn't it? It is just so useful in so many ways. Locating something? Use Google Maps. Got lost? Use Google Maps. Plan an itinerary? Use Google Maps integrated in them. Google Maps APIs are integrated with so many of the web and mobile applications we use everyday as well. We just love the utility that Google Maps provides.

Esri has built its name by providing world class, industrial grade - mapping technology and solutions suitable for governments, corporations and institutions. It does so much for environment conservation too (Esri is an abbreviation for Environmental Systems Research Institute). It is the powerhouse of Location Analytics, Visualization & Data Management i.e. GIS (Geographic Information System) and its emphasis on providing solutions with Location Intelligence has led it to rebrand itself as an organization specializing in 'The Science of Where'.

I am certain more and more people will begin noticing and admiring this company as the use of Mapping grows. Amazon, Uber, Zomato may be ecommerce, travel & food companies - but if you think of it, all of them are essentially transportation companies and where there is movement - there is a mapping infrastructure behind it

I'd prefer Esri remains under the radar, though. Like 'the silent guardian.. the watchful protector..' In that case I must stop writing about it, isn't it ? But Mapmyops / Intelloc Mapping Services is not Esri. It is, at this moment, a tiny speck of nobody. However, we aspire to become a sustainable business ourselves, which is why we are honored to collaborate with Esri and help deploy its GIS solutions at organizations to improve their business operations. Connect with us. Details below.



Intelloc Mapping Services | Mapmyops is engaged in providing mapping solutions to organizations which facilitate operations improvement, planning & monitoring workflows. These include but are not limited to Supply Chain Design Consulting, Drone Solutions, Location Analytics & GIS Applications, Site Characterization, Remote Sensing, Security & Intelligence Infrastructure, & Polluted Water Treatment. Projects can be conducted pan-India and overseas.

Several demonstrations for these workflows are documented on our website. For your business requirements, reach out to us via email - or book a paid consultation (video meet) from the hyperlink placed at the footer of the website's landing page.



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