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10+ Industries that benefit from using GIS

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

One of the reasons why I was attracted to the Mapping solutions / Location Intelligence / GIS sector is because it is multi-purpose in its utility, much like a Swiss Knife. In my last post, I have explained using video cases, 10+ business needs which Mapping solutions help fulfill. In fact, the motto of my firm Intelloc Mapping Services - 'Versatile Product. Valuable Applications' stems from this underlying nature of GIS.

In this article I aim to highlight, using video cases again, how 10+ industries are benefiting from deploying Location Intelligence. The purpose of this article is not to highlight the industry per se, but to emphasize the diverse capabilities of location intelligence. This is because, in reality, the applications of mapping solutions within each industry are numerous. Almost every day, new use cases are generated wherein an industry finds a new way to utilize location intelligence to good effect. You'll be surprised to know that one of the reasons why my technology partner hosts massive conferences worldwide each year is because of this - it is often unaware and therefore, wants to know from its users, how they are using its amazing Location Intelligence platform in different ways to produce beneficial outcomes!

(The concepts are borrowed from, and explained in more detail, on my partner GIS Developer's website. Industry Titles are hyperlinked to related content. The industries are sorted in Alphabetical order).


Location Intelligence Applications: Enhancing the understanding of risk, customer interaction and economic conditions; Improving profitability and operational performance; Growing line-of-business collaboration across departments with economic forecasts neighborhood studies, and territory analysis etc.

Video 1: The case illustrates how banks are leveraging location intelligence for hyper-local market development in a digital world. Additionally, here is an Indian case on how Location Intelligence helped an Indian BFSI company - Bajaj Finserv.


Location Intelligence Applications: Indoor Mapping, Facility Management, Spatial Planning etc.

Video 2: See this interesting video on how University of Minnesota, USA uses Location Intelligence to fulfill five objectives pertaining to campus management. Also, you may read an Indian case pertaining to spatial planning at NIT Hamirpur here.


Location Intelligence Applications: Event Planning, Event Operations, Public Safety, Security & Surveillance, Post Event Briefing etc.

Video 3: See this informative case on how Henrico County Division of Fire, USA uses location intelligence to manage NASCAR event incidents.


Location Intelligence Applications: Health Organizations across the world are using Location Intelligence to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic affecting us today. Hospitals can use Mapping Solutions for purposes such as patient tracking via mobile, ambulance dispatch, facility management within hospitals (access to restricted areas), visitor management, coordination between multiple hospital branches w.r.t. Number of beds, specialty treatments, and so on.

Video 4: See how Bengaluru Smart City Authority is using Location Intelligence to segregate containment zones accurately within the city. You may also watch an international case study on how Inland Health Plan uses GIS to improve health care services here and explore an interesting operations dashboard by yourself for Ebola cases in Congo, here.


Location Intelligence Applications: Underwriting, Reinsurance, Corporate governance, Sales and marketing, Claims handling, Customer service etc.

Video 5: See this fictitious, albeit very insightful, case video pertaining to how an insurance company can manages its property insurance risk arising from customers located in a hurricane-prone zone (Florida in USA).


Location Intelligence Applications: Production & Operations Planning, Performance Management, Distribution & Route Planning, Asset Tracking, Risk Management, Business Development etc.

Video 6: See this insightful short video on how GM uses location intelligence to a) find customers and b) help customers get access to the service they desire. Also, read a case on how leading multinational retailer, H&M uses location intelligence to promote supply chain transparency, here.


Location Intelligence Applications: Spatial Data Reporting, Geographic Investigation, Localized News, Understanding Reader Habits, Marketing Expenditure Allocation & Analysis, Newspaper Distribution Plan etc.

Video 7: If you are an Indian, you would be aware how news outlets are using Location Intelligence in the form of Satellite Imagery to report on National security incidents. This is a relatively new phenomenon in India. As it is evidence backed, it is expected to be gain more popularity as a means of investigative reporting in the future. The case below demonstrates the use of location intelligence w.r.t. reporting of the current Indo-China face-off. While this form of reporting deals with the use of optical satellite imagery, there are a wide variety of applications when it comes to analyzing the more advanced, radar satellite imagery. As of 16th May 2023, I've written 20+ articles on analyzing optical and satellite imagery as well as aerial imagery from drones for several critical workflows and business workflows - access these here. Also read more about how Location Intelligence helps the defense & intelligence industry here.


Location Intelligence Applications: Suitable sectors such as Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Oil & Gas etc. for purposes related to analyzing geospatial data to set up networks, monitoring change, gaining insight on productivity, and so on. Read this beautiful case finding which I developed on burned area mapping (from forest fires) in Uttarakhand. Also see another Indian case how Location Intelligence helped Department of Soil Survey and Soil Conservation solve the challenges it was facing, here.

Video 8: See how this natural gas company, Seneca Resources based out of Pittsburgh, USA is using location intelligence to enable vital business process workflows. Also, explore a beautiful operations dashboard by yourself pertaining to sounds you hear in a national park, here.


Location Intelligence Applications: Location Analytics, Understanding Market Opportunities, Architecture, Engineering & Construction applications etc.

Video 9: See how the leading retail-only real estate company in the U.S., The Shopping Center Group, has achieved 30% revenue growth and delivers competitive advantage to its retail clients with the help of location intelligence and combining it with consumer demographic and psychographic data. Also read about this Indian case on how location intelligence helped Department of Industries, Odisha Government to provide a hassle-free business environment for investors to procure land, here.


Location Intelligence Applications: Retail business processes such as market analysis, site selection, merchandising, distribution, deliveries, facilities management, market and customer analytics etc. For example, in case you are have a chain of specialty retail shops - be it apparels or restaurants - location intelligence can help you select an optimal location for setting up the next shop(s).

Video 10: See how Starbucks, a multinational chain of coffee shops, demonstrate how they're using the location intelligence to open new stores.


Location Intelligence Applications: Suitable for nearly all sub-industries such as Aviation, Logistics, Ports & Maritime, Railways & Roads and Highways for applications related to Network Design, Building a System of Record, Empowering the workforce with field applications and Overall managing, planning, evaluating, and maintaining transportation systems.

Video 11: See this beautiful case on how The Port of Rotterdam in Netherlands integrates location intelligence into all aspects of port operations, to run one of the most sophisticated ports in the world. Also, read an Indian case on how Location Intelligence helped Jet Airways in flight planning and route management, here.


12. Utilities - also benefits from GIS

Location Intelligence Applications: Applicable to all sub-industries such as Electric, Telecom etc. for applications related to Planning, Operations & Engineering, Asset & IT Management, Network Maintenance, Safety & Compliance, Sales & Marketing, Customer Care etc.

Video 12: See how a large US based co-op utility company, Coserv, is using location intelligence to digitally transform their organization for aspects such as: bolstering safety with timely information, speed of service restoration and keeping pace with customer demands. Read an interesting Indian case on how Cairn India uses location intelligence for quicker and better decision making by the management, here. Also, see a beautiful operations dashboard for power outage in California, here.

Please note: I have not covered the most important customer which traditionally utilizes Mapping Solutions to its fullest utility - the Government. There are several applications for governance which merits a separate blog entry by itself, perhaps sometime later. You can read an overview about Government applications, here.



Intelloc Mapping Services | Mapmyops is engaged in providing mapping solutions to organizations which facilitate operations improvement, planning & monitoring workflows. These include but are not limited to Supply Chain Design Consulting, Drone Solutions, Location Analytics & GIS Applications, Site Characterization, Remote Sensing, Security & Intelligence Infrastructure, & Polluted Water Treatment. Projects can be conducted pan-India and overseas.

Several demonstrations for these workflows are documented on our website. For your business requirements, reach out to us via email - or book a paid consultation (video meet) from the hyperlink placed at the footer of the website's landing page.


Cover Photo belongs to Esri

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