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GIS + Hardware = Complete Package

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

My post on LinkedIn yesterday went like this:

"The beauty about mapping is now it can be clubbed with other technologies to arrive at a clever solution. Some, where mapping plays a central role, while others where mapping plays a supporting role, but a role nevertheless. Most importantly, and what I like about this field is, it is often upon the user to think of a creative way to deploy mapping for a specific purpose as per his/her requirement. 'You conceptualize. We configure.'

Its Context: This beautiful Ted Talk on how to solve an important problem: Human Stampedes

Mapping / GIS solutions play a central role when there is an objective with geospatial characteristics- be it precision agriculture, solar siting, designing transport network or construction projects. By central, I mean just deploying a Geographic Information System solution, without any addons, is sufficient to solve the problem.

However, there are numerous workflows where mapping (GIS), in combination with hardware and/or other technologies helps solve a more complex problem and achieve the desired objective. Here, mapping is just a portion of the total solution (plays a small or medium role) and a 'package' needs to be developed combining these tools and technologies to address the challenge at hand.

In the stampede video case above, the 'Sensor Mat' was a critical component of the solution upon which the map / GIS interface was laid which helped to process, analyze and visualize the worshippers' movement data at the Nashik Kumbh Mela.

What customers need to decide is which technology / hardware should form the 'base' upon which other technologies can be built, integrated or connected. In simpler words, what should be the pizza base and what should be the tasty toppings to sprinkle it with.

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a robust and versatile platform which makes for an excellent base for numerous workflows. Afterall, it is the only technology capable to generate and display a common operating view of an organisation.

Think of GIS as a universal charging adapter or as a plug & play device - as a wide range of hardware and technologies such as IoT, Drones, Sensors, ERP, CAD, AI, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Big Data, AR can be integrated with it.

Esri, our technology partner, has even created a large R&D setup in New Delhi earlier this year to develop innovative GIS solutions in combination with the latest in data science, deep learning, and artificial intelligence for multiple industries.

Connect with us to configure a GIS package based on your organization's unique needs.



Intelloc Mapping Services | Mapmyops is engaged in providing mapping solutions to organizations which facilitate operations improvement, planning & monitoring workflows. These include but are not limited to Supply Chain Design Consulting, Drone Solutions, Location Analytics & GIS Applications, Site Characterization, Remote Sensing, Security & Intelligence Infrastructure, & Polluted Water Treatment. Projects can be conducted pan-India and overseas.

Several demonstrations for these workflows are documented on our website. For your business requirements, reach out to us via email - or book a paid consultation (video meet) from the hyperlink placed at the footer of the website's landing page.



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