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How can Mapping solutions help organizations?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Some of our earliest memories pertaining to maps or mapping would be that of topography sessions in geography classes at school: using the political and physical maps to pinpoint cities or rivers. Essentially, we diagrammatically plotted any feature with 'geo / location attributes'. This remains the foundation of modern day mapping as well. However, it is now so much more than that due to advances in computational technology. Not only can one capture minutest geo-data from various sources (satellites, drones and other capturing devices and mediums) as per requirement and suitability now, but also one can merge that data with existing commercial or publicly available data on a mapping software to draw valuable insights to improve operations and decision making.

Mapping has evolved into being a GIS (Geographic Information System), akin to MIS (Management Information System), but with geographical data combined. Depending on the capabilities of the mapping software, you can analyse and visualise your operations like never before: seeing and knowing what you couldn't see and know before.

Deploying a suitable mapping solution is a source of tremendous competitive advantage. I am outlining a few mapping applications for commercial purposes below-

a) Salesforce / Asset Tracking - Have a field force in the market selling your product to stores across the country ? Want to map out your supply chain? GIS helps you to know where everyone or everything is, detect patterns, enable collaboration and promote efficiency.

b) Facility Location - Want to arrive at an intelligent decision to locate your new real estate such as store, factory, office or warehouse ? You can use mapping applications to study location features (road connectivity, air quality, height above sea level) and / or combine it with census data / consumer data to arrive at suitable pockets for investment. Modern day mapping applications let you query parameters you wish to set for your ideal location and automatically filter for that on the map.

c) Agri Research - Procuring agri-products as raw material ? Using mapping applications, you can use soil data, weather forecast data in isolation or in combination to identify where is the best potential for you to source the desired quality of agri-produce.

d) Transport Management - Route Planning & Optimisation, Fleet Management, Employee Transport Management, Demand Management or any specific transportation needs (where can my large sized truck do a U-turn on the highway?), you can do it all with modern day mapping applications.

e) Risk Management - You can plan for any risks or emergencies that your organisation may face (man-made or natural) on a mapping software to see how best you can mitigate / deal with it. (for purposes such as procurement, transportation, evacuation, asset safety, insurance planning etc.)

f) Layout design & management - You can 3D design or map out your commercial spaces and even integrate it with VR/AR applications or any other spatial applications. Even large and complex industrial layout applications such as laying out pipelines, telecom or electrical towers can be planned and designed on commercial mapping platforms saving millions for organisations.

g) Unique Applications - Organising a large event or exhibit? Making a movie? Mapping solutions allow you to plan your audience movement and management efforts or even geo-build an animated city!

These are but a few commercial applications. The potential of mapping is truly unfathomable. Any location attribute in your business operations can be mapped and combined with desired internal or external data to produce powerful outcomes. Moreover, the applications can be used by virtually every business and industry and the benefits in savings and growth are immense. Using LiDar, Drones and modern satellite data, organisations are using different types of geo-data to gather more knowledge and insights than ever before. Each day, several new applications are discovered. Annual conferences are held to discuss these new innovations and use cases as mapping solution providers sometimes do not even know where there software can be put to good use themselves!


Intelloc Mapping Services | is engaged in selling products which capture geo-data (Drones), process geo-data (Geographic Information System) as well as services (PoI Datasets & Satellite Imagery). Together, these help organizations to benefit from Geo-Intelligence for purposes such as operations improvement, project management and digital enabled growth.

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