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Mapmyops - Your Business' Mapping 'Studio'

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Obtaining a quality GIS is an investment running into single and double digit lacs depending on factors such as level of capability desired, scale of operations and duration of license. In addition to procuring the license, one has to hire and maintain skilled manpower to run it to good effect. Governments, Utilities and Large Corporates make excellent use of the mapping technology and reap handsome benefits making the investment worthwhile.

However, small to mid-size commercial organisations in India tend to be risk averse and are often uncertain about investing in new technology. They do not have the need, or rather, do not foresee the need to convert raw data into geo data to get more actionable insights on a day to day basis. Moreover, businesses often have just a specific, non-recurring requirement for GIS. For such instances, just as one simply goes to a photo studio, pays a one time fee and gets the snaps done by a professional photographer who has a DSLR camera rather than purchasing a DSLR camera oneself, businesses too have the option to procure business intelligence reports from GIS specialists for specific purposes.

Mapmyops (Intelloc Mapping Services), in addition to deploying the world's leading GIS, also provides GIS based Business Intelligence (BI) reporting services to commercial organisations. This can be for purposes such as Business Expansion, Market Study & Survey, MIS, Sales & Distribution and Operations Visualization; virtually any type of Business Intelligence requirement of commercial organisations.

The output can take the form of a BI findings report or even an automated web based module which can be refreshed with recent data for day to day updated view. This is a preferred method for exploring GIS and its potential as well as a stepping stone to more advanced, in house GIS procurement and use.

The cost of the one time report based solution varies from case to case. It depends on factors such as a) Magnitude of study b) Time and resources involved for the study c) Cost of procuring reliable data and d) Capex and opex budget (if opting for a web based BI solution). Overall, the cost of solution is significantly cheaper than procuring and operating a base one year GIS license.


Intelloc Mapping Services | is engaged in selling products which capture geo-data (Drones), process geo-data (Geographic Information System) as well as services (PoI Datasets & Satellite Imagery). Together, these help organizations to benefit from Geo-Intelligence for purposes such as operations improvement, project management and digital enabled growth.

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(Image Credits: Esri's Web Based Hurricane Maria Damage Assessment Application - )

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