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GIS + Geo Hardware + Geo Intelligence = Complete Package

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

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I thought it best to elaborate upon my Linkedin post yesterday:

"The beauty about mapping is now it can be clubbed with other technologies to arrive at a clever solution. Some, where mapping plays a central role, while others where mapping plays a supporting role, but a role nevertheless. Most importantly, and what I like about this field is, it is often upon the user to think of a creative way to deploy mapping for a specific purpose as per his requirement. 'You conceptualise. We configure.' Context: this beautiful video case to solve an important problem:"

Mapping / GIS solutions play a central role when there is a specific geographic or spatial intelligence objective - be it precision agriculture, solar siting, designing transport network or construction projects. By central, I mean a pure Geographic Information System solution (digital version of mapping with processing, visualisation and analytics capabilities) is sufficient to solve the problem.

However, there is immense scope for solutions where mapping (GIS), in combination with hardware and/or other technologies helps solve a more complex problem(s) and achieve the business objective. Here, mapping is just a portion of the total solution (plays a small or medium role) and a 'package' needs to be formed combining multiple tech utilities to address the challenge.

In the stampede video case above, the 'sensor mat' was the critical piece of the solution upon which map/GIS was a tool to process, analyse and visualise worshippers' movement data at the Nashik Kumbh Mela.

What customers need to decide is which technology forms the 'solid base' upon which other technologies can be built, integrated or connected. (In simpler words, which technology should be the pizza base upon which the tasty toppings are added.)

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a robust and versatile platform which makes for an excellent base. Afterall, it is the only tech capable to build and display a common operating view of an organisation.

Think of GIS as a multi-country charger or a plug and play device - a wide range of hardware and technologies can be integrated such as IoT, Drones, Sensors, ERP, CAD, AI, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Big Data, AR etc.

Esri, our technology partner, has even begun a large R&D setup in New Delhi earlier this year to develop innovative GIS solutions (using data science, deep learning, and GeoAI) for industry.


Intelloc Mapping Services | is engaged in selling products which capture geo-data (Drones), process geo-data (Geographic Information System) as well as services (PoI Datasets & Satellite Imagery). Together, these help organizations to benefit from Geo-Intelligence for purposes such as operations improvement, project management and digital enabled growth.

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